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This page is a collection of Bible study worksheets and other resources that Jeff has used in a Sunday morning Bible study that he has led or in other Bible study venues. He has also used some of these studies with his family and in studies with other families. They are appropriate for use by:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Group study with other families
  • Small groups
  • Sunday school classes

We've posted these worksheets here so that some others may benefit from them. Therefore, you are welcome to use these worksheets yourself, either with your family, with a small group, or a Bible study group. If you find these studies useful, we'd be encouraged to hear from you! Send us an e-mail and let us know how you are using them. Click here to read testimonies of others that are using these lessons.

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Bible Detectives Series

These lessons explore issues in the Bible, using a detective motif. These are particularly well-suited for families. The detective motif is designed to be engaging for younger students while still discussing serious topics.

Introduction to Christianity, the Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark is a fast-paced narrative and provides an ideal introduction to the life and teaching of Jesus. This study guide is provided in a worksheet format, guiding you through your own study. It is not a commentary, and answers are not always provided. Instead, you will research and discover the answers on your own, with the help of a teacher or other small group members.

These lessons began with the idea of making a quick pass through the gospel of Mark, covering the highlights of Jesus' life and ministry. It turned out that our class was interested in details, so you'll see that we began slowing down and covering the events in more detail after the first few lessons.

We sometimes use The Message to give us a fresh look at familiar passages, but don't use it as our primary translation. Most class members read from the NIV, so some questions in these studies use the language of the NIV.

If you'd like to print a single lesson, you can select the page range to print within the Acrobat Reader.

If you'd like to duplicate the whole contents for your class: many print shops will accept the .pdf and print the contents for you, or you can print one copy and take it to the print shop. You should be able to duplicate the lessons (2-sided) and bind with a spiral binding for $5-$10 per copy.

Acts of the Apostles

We used these lessons following our study of the book of Mark. The book of Acts is a historical book; that is, it reveals the who, what, when, where and so forth of the start of the Christian church. We want to learn more then mere facts, however. As the historical material is studied, be alert for how what you learn can impact you today.

If you'd like to print a single lesson, you can select the page range to print within the Acrobat Reader.

If you'd like to duplicate the whole contents for your class: many print shops will accept the .pdf and print the contents for you, or you can print one copy and take it to the print shop. You should be able to duplicate the lessons (2-sided) and bind with a spiral binding for $5-$10 per copy.

The Ten Commandments

I wrote these lessons to use during a summer study with our high school and college students, many of whom volunteered in Awana during the school year. These lessons were designed to stimulate discussion.

If you'd like to print a single lesson, you can select the page range to print within the Acrobat Reader.

If you'd like to duplicate the whole contents for your class: many print shops will accept the .pdf and print the contents for you, or you can print one copy and take it to the print shop. You should be able to duplicate the lessons (2-sided) and bind with a spiral binding for $5-$10 per copy.

The Romans Road

The Romans Road is a set of verses from the book of Romans that can be used to explain God's plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. This publication expands upon these traditional verses by including a question and answer discussion guide. For each verse in the Romans Road, some suggested questions (and answers) are provided to help you study these topics yourself, or guide a discussion with another. This is not a fill-in-the-blank study. It is a discussion guide.

This is also available in a tract format. I keep a copy in my wallet. With some careful two-sided printing, a stapler and scissors, you can make four tracts using the cover and contents here:

If you have a Pocket PC handheld computer, this guide is available as a free eTract. Visit Laridian for details.

Miscellaneous Topics

One thing that we've noted about children's Sunday School materials is that they often bounce around from one biblical story to another. Moses one week, Saul the next, John the Baptist, then Joshua. As a result, many adults (even those that faithfully attended Sunday School as children) have missed the "big picture" of God's chronology. This material is a simple summary of that chronology, putting people and events into chronological order.

There are a variety of tools available to help study the Bible. This next study is a brief introduction to some of the available tools.

Next are some brief studies and discussion guides of how the Bible applies to family life. The first introduces what the Bible reveals about men, husbands and fathers. The second introduces what the Bible teaches about women, wives and mothers. The final lesson is some practical application.

Next is a workbook for studying 1 Corinthians 11:1-16. This is printed in a booklet format, which will require printing (2-sided printing will work best) and folding.

The Purpose Driven Life

Our church began an emphasis titled 40 Days of Purpose based upon Rick Warren's book The Purpose Driven Life in April 2004. The Purpose Driven Life contains extensive Scripture quotations from a variety of English Bible translations and paraphrases. Each verse quotation is footnoted; to determine the actual verse reference and translation used, the footnote number and chapter must be looked up in Appendix 3. That appendix identifies the verse reference and translation.

While in general I agree with the premise that using different translations can help us gain new perspectives on the Scripture, I also prefer to study from a specific translation. Currently I use the New American Standard Bible (NASB) or the English Standard Version of the Bible (ESV). Therefore, in order to check the quoted verse in The Purpose Driven Life — often quoted from a more interpretive translation or paraphrase — with a more literal translation such as the NASB or ESV, it became necessary to read the quote, turn to the appendix, find the Scripture reference, and then look it up in my Bible. That was a very tedious and time-consuming process.

I searched the Internet for a document containing these references in a more useable format, but didn't find anything. So, as an alternative, I decided to use my old QuickVerse 4 program to create an index file containing all of the referenced Scriptures. I then exported the verses from the index file in my choice of translations (I chose the NASB) and created a document in Microsoft Word that contained the footnoted verses.

The Lockman Foundation graciously provided written permission for me to publish the resulting document containing text from the New American Standard Bible. You can do something similar with QuickVerse 4, your licensed QuickVerse 4 Bible translation, the purpose.inx index file below, and your word processor. However, if you'd like the results from the NASB, I've done the work for you.

If you have QuickVerse 4 (or some older version of QuickVerse for Windows), then you can use this index file to create your own similar document, using your own preferred translation. Please note: this index file is compatible only with QuickVerse version 4 and older. It is not compatible with QuickVerse version 5, 6, 7, 8 or newer. You must use QuickVerse 2, 3 or 4 to use this file. Also note that your use of the resulting verse text may be restricted by the copyright of the translation.


"I started to use your studies for small groups on Mark about six weeks ago. I find it to be a very useful tool in my classes. We have a scant forty five minutes to cover each lesson but it has worked out very well as far as being able use it to foster discussion and keep interest."
— Leonard J.

"The timeline is very helpful to me in creating my children's Bible studies. I also enjoyed the two detective studies that you have created. They are very innovative and give the kids a chance to find answers for themselves."
— Mariann

"You have some wonderful content and I was especially impressed with how you questioned the reader about the road to salvation in The Romans Road and your Bible studies."
— Carla

"This is great. It is very hard to find Bible studies that can be used for family study."
— Katherine

"I have been using your study guide for the gospel of Mark for my family Bible study. We are learning and growing; thanks."
— Leslie

A Note About Our Copyright

We've published these items here in the hope that you will find them interesting and helpful. However, the studies and publications printed here are copyrighted material. The purpose of claiming our copyright on these original publications is to protect our authorship and rights of publication.

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